Winter Weather Tips For Your Home

Winter Weather Tips For Your Home
[wpseo_breadcrumb]   Nothing beats professional services, but there are still some tricks that you can do to keep your units working in shipshape all winter round. Here are winter weather tips for your home.
  • Replace air filters before the start of winter and have it checked monthly. Dirty filters are the most common cause of system breakdown.
  • Using a vacuum, remove dirt and dust accumulation in the blower compartment. These can hinder the proper operation of your unit.
  • Clear the surrounding area of your furnace. Some materials may block combustion air supply. This can cause the release of carbon monoxide gas.
  • Blockages and loose connections may happen in the chimney and flue pipes so be able to check these area occasionally.
  • Pay attention to unfamiliar noises and odors. If you hear one, set the temperature on HEAT and adjust the setting above room temperature. If the noise is still there, there may be problem in you unit. Unusual odor also signifies improper operation. The odor may come from a burning wire or from the abnormal functioning of the components.
  • Be extra mindful of the visible burnt wires or other components, unusual rust buildup in the unit and the moisture level in your home. These are signs that your units are malfunctioning.
  • If you feel nausea, fatigue and dizziness, don’t waste time and get medical attention. You may be exposed to carbon monoxide gas whose symptoms are misdiagnosed as flu.

Winter Money Saving Tips

  • Wear warmer clothes so you can set the temperature of the house few degrees lower. You can use sweatshirts, cozy blankets and socks.
  • Prevent drafts by covering those unused doors and windows on your basement and spare rooms. If you can’t get to the stores, you may insulate those using old blankets.
  • Set the heat at 60-65 if no one is around. You don’t have to heat the home for nothing or no one.
  • Keep the oven open after using it to let the remaining heat be distributed in the kitchen. You can do the same after having a warm bath.
  • Use space heater for the room you’re occupying. This keeps you warm without heating the rest of the rooms.
Be confident in your ability to maintain your heating systems, your home and your comfort when the freezing temperature starts to rule. If you need an extra hand, the professionals at Armor Heating, Air and Refrigeration are just around the corner.
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