What Is Causing Your Noisy Furnace?

What Is Causing Your Noisy Furnace?
[wpseo_breadcrumb] One of the commonly reported problems in Northwest Arkansas homes is noisy furnace operation. If you notice unusual sounds from your unit, it is important to find the cause immediately. Here are the things that you may need to check.

Blower Motor.

If you hear screeching and rattling noises, the components that you need to check are the bearings in the blower motor or the blower motor itself. Sometimes, the component just needs lubrication. This can be a complicated DIY task so to be sure that the issue is solved properly, call a professional for help.

Damaged Blower Belt.

A squealing sound is what you will hear when the belt-driven motor of your furnace becomes loose. This can also be caused by shaft bearings and insufficient lubrication on the mechanical parts of the unit. After some time of constant use, the blower belt needs to be adjusted or replaced. You can adjust the fan belt yourself but for better assurance, let a licensed expert do the necessary adjustment and replacement on the fan belt.

Blower Wheel.

A metal to metal sound which can either be a loud clanking or scraping noise means a more serious problem in the blower wheels of your furnace. It is most likely caused by a loosed blower fan hitting against the blower house casing. If this happens, turn off your furnace right away and call an HVAC expert for a complete system diagnosis to know the course of action.

Dirty Burners.

If your burners are dirty and clogged, you will hear loud banging or booming sound when you run your system. Dirty burners can delay the ignition. If this happens, the gas builds-up and can cause an explosion when the ignition starts. The sounds can also be caused by imbalanced air-to-fuel ratio. Keep the issue at bay by hiring a professional to do annual cleaning, diagnosis, and adjustments.

Faulty Heat Exchanger.

A loose panel or screw in the furnace can cause you to hear rattling noises. Turn off your furnace, tighten the panel and secure the screws. However, if it is not the loose panel that is causing the noise, you may need to check the heat exchanger. Faulty heat exchangers are caused by poor air flow or dirty filters and coils. These allow heat to build up in the heat exchanger, causing cracks and splinters. Need help to fix a furnaces unwanted sounds? Call the experts at Armor Heating & Air,LLC.
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