What Does Your HVAC Contractor Do During the Fall Maintenance?

What Does Your HVAC Contractor Do During the Fall Maintenance?
[wpseo_breadcrumb]   We are inching closer to the cold months! Have you scheduled your fall heating maintenance appointment already? If this is not your first fall experience in Bentonville, AR, you probably know that fall heating maintenance should be on your to-do list this season. To give you an idea, here is what your HVAC contractor does during the fall heating maintenance service.

For Furnace Units

If you are using a furnace unit at home, your HVAC contractor will:
  • Look over the vent system and make sure that it works properly.
  • Check the unit for soot, leaks, rust, frayed wires, and corroded electrical contacts.
  • Clean the vital components of the system, including your heat exchanger, burner, etc.
  • Inspect your air filter and replace it if necessary.
  • Make sure that your thermostat works well to provide an adjusted indoor temperature.
If your furnace is properly maintained, it can work to your expectations. It can operate efficiently, which means it can reduce the energy and fuel wastage while lowering your monthly heating costs.

For Heat Pump Units

If you are using a heat pump unit at home, your HVAC contractor will:
  • Inspect and tackle the electrical connections in the unit.
  • Make sure that the outdoor fan motor and compressor are working properly.
  • Clean the air handler assembly and make sure that it works right.
  • Clean your unit’s evaporator coil.
  • Check the unit’s refrigerant level.
  • Clear out the debris found near your unit.
  • Provide sufficient lubrication to help reduce resistance, energy losses and friction.
  • Clean your condensate drain and pan.
Heat pump maintenance offers benefits, including energy efficiency, low operation cost, extended lifespan for the unit, and great savings. Poorly maintained units offer the opposite. Although maintenance requires you to spend some cash, do not ignore its importance if you want your unit to last longer and save money in the long run.

Why Call Your HVAC Contractor This Fall?

Remember that heating maintenance should be done during the fall. This is the time when your HVAC company receives less emergency service calls due to moderate temperature. Having enough time to discuss all your heating concerns, your contractor can ensure that every issue is given attention before the frosty months arrive.

Expert Heating System Maintenance in Bentonville, AR

Understanding the things your contractor did to your heating system during the maintenance is important. It does give some light to the question why maintenance is vital for long-term home heating and comfort. Contact Armor Heating & Air, LLC to schedule your heating system maintenance appointment. Whatever heating system you have at home, we have you covered.
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