What Are You Really Getting With Your HVAC Maintenance Program?

What Are You Really Getting With Your HVAC Maintenance Program?
[wpseo_breadcrumb] You might be blaming yourself for not enrolling in an HVAC maintenance program when you experience unexpected system breakdown in the dog days of summer. It may sound expensive for some but HVAC maintenance program comes with great advantages in savings and comfort. Check out these benefits and services under HVAC maintenance plan.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Below are important tasks to do regularly on your heating and cooling units which are covered by HVAC maintenance program. Depending on the type of service contract, you will be given different levels of services. • Replace or clean air filters, coils, drain lines and pans • Change worn out belts, pulleys and other components • Check electrical system, fan motor, blower and blades • Inspect the ducts and cabinet hardware for leaks • Check refrigerant charge and leakages • Lubricate the mechanical components • Test thermostats and controls • Inspect overall operation of the system

HVAC Maintenance Program Benefits

Improves Unit Efficiency

Whether you are a business or property owner in Northwest Arkansas, you do not want a skyrocketing energy bill to break your budget. Since your HVAC system consumes almost half of the energy you are paying, it is just right to keep it running as efficient as possible. Enrolling in a HVAC maintenance program ensures that your unit complies with the needed activities to keep it running proficiently. Skipping HVAC maintenance schedules decreases your unit’s efficiency by 5%, allowing it to chew more electricity and money while in use.

Prevents Expensive Repairs

HVAC maintenance program saves you from major repairs and replacement of parts. Your regular maintenance plan covers the inspection of parts to identify small problems and provides solutions ahead of time. Once neglected, these small glitches can lead to major problems with big price tags.

Extends Life Span

Routine HVAC maintenance helps you get the most out of your investment by expanding the system’s longevity. The components of a poorly maintained system are prone to wear and tear which means greater risk to system failure. Enroll in an HVAC maintenance program to keep your units in shipshape all year-round. Take a more in-depth look at the benefits of enrolling in an HVAC maintenance program. Armor Heating and Air, LLC prides itself in having highly-skilled professionals that you can count on in keeping your system running throughout the year. Schedule an appointment with us!
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