UV Lights for HVAC Systems? Are They Worth the Money?

UV Lights for HVAC Systems? Are They Worth the Money?
[wpseo_breadcrumb] One can never achieve a sanitary home when mold and bacteria are present and keep on multiplying inside your HVAC system. And when you start to run your unit, all these can circulate in every corner and become serious threats to anyone with asthma and other respiratory diseases. If you want to combat these harmful microorganisms in the air and keep your home a safe place, we recommend installing UV Lights in your HVAC system. You have probably heard about it but not quite sure if it’s worth your investment. Well, we can answer your doubts in this article.

How Effective Are UV Lights?

UV lights have been proven helpful in killing mold, bacteria, and viruses in the air. These are widely used in hospitals, restaurants, and grocery stores as germicidal equipment. They are effective in killing up to 97% of the toughest types of bacteria which are resistant to antibiotics known as the superbug bacteria. Aside from killing microorganisms, they also sterilize the HVAC system to ensure healthy and clean air is distributed throughout your home. Aside from the heating and cooling industry, UV lights are also used for medical treatments. In 1903, UV was used by Niel Finsen and had effectively treated patients with skin infections. This earned him the Noble Prize in Medicine.

UV Light Options For Your HVAC Units

  • Coil Sanitizing Lights
The coils help in condensing moisture from the air. However, since these are wet surfaces, dirt, pet dander and other debris can easily stick to the coils when air passes through. This creates an ideal environment for bacteria and mold to thrive and reproduce. Coil UV lights are effective in sterilizing the coils. Be sure that the light will directly hit the surfaces of the coil and best to leave the equipment on continuously for effective sanitation.
  • Air Sanitizing Lights
This type of germicidal light comes in a stick and U-shaped lamps. They are installed in the ductwork and effectively kill airborne germs and molds. There are air germicidal HVAC lights which turn on and off along with the blower motor. For this matter, the installation cost is on the high end of the spectrum.

Are UV Lights Worth The Cost?

Your health will tell you the answer to that question. If there’s no one in the house with severe allergy and respiratory illnesses, or you don’t experience higher than normal rates of colds, then you don’t have to install one in your home. However, if the things mentioned are realities in your home, then a UV Light is highly recommended. Do you want to have a UV germicidal light installed in your system? Call us at Armor Heating and Air, LLC today!
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