Tips To Insulate Your Home

Tips To Insulate Your Home

Don’t wait for winter to find out if your house is properly insulated. Getting your home ready for the cold months is DIY at its finest! We’ve outlined these easy home insulation tips to get rid of scary heating bills while experiencing great winter comfort.

Use your curtains.

During the day, allow the sun’s heat to enter your home to reduce your dependence on your heating systems. At night, shut your curtains to lock warm air. There are available specialized curtains with thermal backing which can help in keeping warmth in your house.

Seal possible entry of cool air.

Check your doors and windows for possible access of cool air. To prevent air exchange, you can put foam weather stripping on the inside of your door. You can also buy sealant strips available in the market. Your floor may also cause heat loss so it’s good to put carpets or rugs.  For your window, use bubble wraps for effective insulation.

Radiate heat from your fireplace.

Using your fireplace is one trick to improve your home’s insulation. For better result, place an aluminum foil at the back to prevent heat from getting straight to the chimney. The heat will be radiated which adds warmth into your home. Just be sure to put the foil far enough so that fire won’t touch it.

Use steam in your bath.

Do not drain your shower water unless the water cools down. Use this trick only when you are using hot water in your bath. It would be expensive to run a hot bath just for the purpose of warming your house.

Say no to portable, gas, electric, space and fan heaters.

If you’re looking to improve your home’s insulation while slashing your energy bills, it’s not a good idea to use portable, gas, electric, space and fan heaters as they can only add up to your heating cost. It’s even better to turn on the central heating at a low heat than to stay on a room with these heaters.

Insulate the attic.

Reduce heat loss by improving insulation on your loft. Your wall can allow for heat loss, so you also need to check on that. Although cavity wall installation is not as cheap as loft installation, it can reduce your heating bill while providing good insulation for your home. Try these simple tips in insulating your home and experience better comfort while keeping your energy bills in control. For more suggestions on insulating your home, feel free to contact Armor Heating and Air.
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