June 25, 2019

Signs Your Air Conditioning Is Not Working Properly

Signs Your Air Conditioning Is Not Working Properly
As your air conditioning system ages and works continuously throughout the hot season, a lot of things could go wrong, causing it to break or malfunction. When it fails, your unit won’t definitely do its job. You may experience a sudden shift on the temperature and poor comfort indoors. Know some of the warning signs that indicate your air conditioning unit in Bentonville, AR is not working properly by reading this post.

No Cool Air

It is quite frustrating when your A/C is not cooling your home, especially at times you need it the most. While it may seem to work normally, you could tell that something is not right when the air coming out of the vent isn’t cold. No cool air circulating in your home is a sign that your unit may need repair or replacement. Contact an A/C company in Bentonville, AR for help.

Poor Airflow

Weak or poor airflow in your home signals that your compressor is failing or your duct is clogged. When this happens, you may notice temperature imbalance or hot and cold spots in some areas of your home. Whether the issue is in your duct or compressor, poor airflow indicates that your unit needs immediate repair.

Strange Odor

A foul or pungent smell coming out of your vents indicates that your air conditioner’s wire insulation has burned out, while the musty smell signals mold growth in your duct work system. This problem should be taken care of by the pros immediately as bad odors could impact your health and well-being when not addressed earlier.

Strange Sounds

Your unit typically creates some sounds as it works, and you may be accustom to them over time. So when you hear another sound that was not there before, you should investigate immediately. The squealing, rattling, banging, and grinding sounds created by your air conditioner indicate problems that prevent your unit from working effectively. Don’t wait until a costly breakdown happens. Schedule an A/C repair in Bentonville, AR right away.


Air conditioning companies in Bentonville, AR often receive no-cool calls, which most are related to leaks. These leaks may seem like a small problem, but they can leave terrible damage when left unfixed, especially when the unit is installed above the ceiling. Keep your unit running in peak condition and your home safe by scheduling an A/C repair in Bentonville, AR. When you notice these problems, call the pros immediately. At Armor Heating & Air, we provide high-quality A/C services, ensuring that your home stays comfortable throughout the hot season. Call us for the right help.