Signs Your A/C is Oversized

Signs Your A/C is Oversized
[wpseo_breadcrumb] One of the most important considerations when purchasing a brand new air conditioning unit is proper sizing. Sadly, many homeowners are unwise in finding the right size of air conditioning unit. If you are in the same boat, here is a list of signs that can tell if your air conditioning system is too big for your home.

Short Cycles

The normal operation of A/C units ranges from 15-20 minutes. It is the time that the system cycles continuously to reach your home’s thermostat setting. When the cooling load is obtained, the unit shuts off. Too big of air conditioning units can cool your home in a lesser amount of time. If you think this is a benefit, you are wrong. Attaining the cooling load too soon inhibits the unit from running longer than normal to cool the furthest parts of the room. This scenario is called short-cycling.

Inconsistent Temperature

An oversized air conditioning unit can make your home uncomfortable. When short-cycling happens frequently, it causes temperature swings. The temperature inconsistencies take place because the air conditioning unit finds it too hard to cool your home completely. That is why; you will notice that some parts of your home do not ever seem to be comfortable.

Excess Humidity

Aside from cooling your home, air conditioning units also help in controlling humidity. Since an oversized A/C cools your home fast and shuts down, there is insufficient time to remove water vapor from the air resulting in a more humid indoor atmosphere. Excess moisture can result in mold growth in corners of the walls and ceilings. Aside from being detrimental to your property, it also brings health risks to anyone who dwells in the house.

High Energy Bill

Short cycling can lead to skyrocketing energy bills because the air conditioning unit is constantly starting and stopping. Be sure to check on your monthly energy consumption to find out if you have an oversized A/C unit. Bigger units are not always the best choice when it comes to air conditioning units. That is why, to prevent purchasing an oversized HVAC system, be sure to seek a professional’s assistance. With that, Armor Heating and Air can help! We have a team of professional technicians that can perform thorough calculations and analysis of the unique needs of your home. If you are ready to get started, contact us today and schedule a free estimate.
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