Setting Your Thermostat While on Christmas Vacation

Setting Your Thermostat While on Christmas Vacation

  If your family is planning a Christmas vacation, chances are you’re probably giving attention to the trip rather than keeping your home safe and efficient while you’re all away. Everyone gets excited before a vacation! But just in case you care for your home and you want a comfortable return, you need to make sure your heating system works fine and the thermostat is set accordingly. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Keep the Heat Running?

To save energy, it might sound practical to turn off the heating unit completely when everyone is out for a holiday vacation. That’s a big mistake! Turning the unit off will cause costly damage to your plumbing system. Your plumbing system is highly protected by warm indoor air so it won’t freeze. If you shut the heating unit down, the pipe will freeze and burst, causing water damage inside your home. Another reason why you need to keep the heat running in your home is to keep your pets comfortable and your valuable belongings in the best shape.

What is the Ideal Thermostat Setting?

The experts recommend setting your thermostat to 55 degrees or higher when you are away for a holiday vacation. Any setting lower than this could increase the risk of freezing your pipes. Also, if you have pets left at home, simply set your indoor temperature four degrees lower than your usual setting. For instance, if you’re accustomed to 69 degrees on regular days, then lowering it to 65 degrees would be ideal. This setting also prevents the artworks, piano, magazine, wooden floor, books, and other objects from getting wrinkled and warped since the air is not too dry and cold. Setting your thermostat right will not just protect your property and other belongings inside its proximity, but also help you save some money on your heating bills.

Other Energy-Saving Tips While You’re on Holiday Vacation

Lower your electrical bills this holiday with these energy-saving tips:
  • Set your water heater to its lowest setting.
  • Turn off your Christmas lights and all bulbs. Just leave one lamp on in your living room for security purposes.
  • Keep your vents and registers clear from any obstruction for better airflow. Be sure those Christmas trees and other decorations are away and not causing any trouble to the vent’s proper operation.
  • Unplug the unused electrical appliances such as TVs, modem, computers, and others.

Planning for a Holiday Vacation?

The best approach to safety when you are planning for a holiday vacation is to schedule a furnace tune-up and repair with the pros. This way, you can ensure that your home stays secured and comfortable before and after your vacation. Contact Armor Heating & Air for professional services and expert recommendations.
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