How To Protect Your Indoor Air Quality This Winter

How To Protect Your Indoor Air Quality This Winter
[wpseo_breadcrumb]   You’ll be spending more time inside your home from this winter season. Time to protect your indoor air quality! Just like your heating comfort, this is also a serious matter to deal with. Keep your IAQ as high as possible with these easy tips.

Replace the air filter.

Dirty air filters are the most common cause of early system breakdown and poor indoor air quality. If not given attention, those trapped dust and dirt can mix with the air that flows out of your unit. See to it that you change your air filter before the winter season starts and check it regularly.

Clean the vents and registers.

Air flows through these opening but when dust and dirt accumulate in these areas, these particles combine with the air and are distributed to the different parts of the house. A piece of wet cloth and a flexible duster can get this thing done in no time.

Hire a professional duct cleaner.

The technician can reach deep into the duct and clean every portion of it. Large amount of airborne particles including bacteria and molds gather in the inner walls of this component which is most of the time the reason why the air that comes out of your vents is of poor quality.

Add a whole-home filtration system.

Especially if there are members of the house who are extremely sensitive to allergens and are suffering from breathing difficulties even at low concentration of dust and other airborne particles, you may need to invest in a HEPA filtration in your home. This works excellently in keeping IAQ at its highest level while protecting your HVAC system from early breakdown.

Use UV light to disinfect your home.

UV lights do not trap nor capture airborne particles but they are truly effective in removing those toxic gases present in the air. They can also eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses which bring danger to one’s health. Strategically install these UV disinfectants in the ductwork where air usually passes.

Keep your home clean.

Have a regular home cleaning schedule to reduce dust, dirt and other particles such as pet hair and dander. The air continuously circulates so if your home is filled with these pollutants, you may be inhaling these over and over again. Need help when it comes to your HVAC system? Armor Heating & Air has professional experts who offer commendable services for maintenance and repair.  
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