What Might Be Causing Your AC Output To Drop

What Might Be Causing Your AC Output To Drop

You depend so much on your air conditioning system during the scorching hot summer months and it’s enough reason why there should be no space for poor performance and AC breakdown. However, somewhere along the summer period, you find your cooling system at very low output rate. Stop stressing yourself wondering why it happens. Here’s a list of most common reasons why your AC output drops.

Faulty Air Handler

The air handler of your air conditioning unit does the hardest job in keeping your home cool. It has a powerful motor and a fan to circulate air throughout the room. The motor has oiled bearings which control the air handler’s good performance by reducing friction while the fan is engaged. However, this oiled bearing can wear out due to constant use. This is why you notice grinding sounds when the air handler starts to work. This causes the drop on your AC’s output and if not given proper attention, it may burn out your air handler’s motor. The best way to solve this problem is to have your oiled bearings changed.

Leaking Refrigerants     

Your air conditioning system produces cool air because of the refrigerants.  If you notice that the air produced by your AC is not as cool as before, you might be having a refrigerant leak. If this continues, the refrigerant level will drop so as your AC’s performance. If neglected, it might cause total breakdown of your air conditioning system. This is a major problem so better call a technician to help you solve the issue.

Clogged Filter

Another reason why your AC does not function at its best is a blocked filter. Air filters help get rid of the dust and dirt that may affect the proper functioning of your AC. However, too much filtered particles can also damage the performance of your cooling system. Changing air filters regularly is the only solution to eliminate these filtered particles and bring your unit in good working form again.

Reversing Valve Issue

The reversing valve enables your system to heat or cool the refrigerants that pass through the heat pump. If it goes bad, the reversing valve can adversely affect the performance of your unit. A professional technician can help you solve this problem in a short period of time. Do not hesitate to call the experts at Armor Heating and Air Conditioning for effective solutions to your heating and cooling problems.
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