HVAC Warranties: What Do You Need to Know?

HVAC Warranties: What Do You Need to Know?
The National Preparedness Month is just a few weeks away. Have you plan ahead and ensure that your HVAC system in Bentonville, AR is covered with a good warranty? If not, then today is the best time to do it. The coverage will give you added peace of mind and guarantee bigger savings. Read on to know what these HVAC warranties are all about.

What are HVAC Warranties For?

Any equipment (including your heating and cooling system) that is purchased at a higher price should be covered with a warranty or a manufacturer’s guarantee that the product will operate at its best. The coverage will protect you from costly repairs whenever your HVAC unit acts up or breaks down sooner than expected. Additionally, your local HVAC contractors in Bentonville, AR will provide a warranty to protect you from poor installation or repair work.

3 Types of HVAC Warranties

  • Parts Warranty

You can be qualified with parts warranty if your HVAC contractor identifies that the failure is due to factory defect or when the unit breaks down on its first few years of operation. Your contractor may also order a new part and send the defective ones to the manufacturer. You don’t need to pay for the parts while it is under warranty, but you have to shoulder the cost of labor for part replacement.
  • Labor Warranty

Typically, manufacturers don’t cover labor costs because they cannot guarantee a job done by another company. For this reason, homeowners need to hire a professional and licensed contractor that offers parts and labor warranty after the installation is done. You can even negotiate with your contractor if you wish to extend the coverage of the warranty. Sometimes, extended warranties also cover labor costs.
  • Extended Warranty on Selected Parts

Extended warranties are typically provided on some of the vital parts of your HVAC system, such as heat exchanger, compressor, and coils. Some comfort equipment manufacturers even cover these parts until your unit reached its last leg. If these crucial components break down or malfunction, your contractor will verify the problem and replace the parts. The part is free, but you have to pay for the installation cost.

Automatic Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Proposals

We can help your unit avoid unexpected breakdown and get it ready for whatever challenges the season brings. Our plans can give you peace of mind with all the expert work and guidance delivered throughout your unit’s lifespan. We can even help keep your warranties intact through professional repair and installation. Contact Armor Heating & Air today to learn more!
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