How to Maintain Your A/C Unit at The End Of Summer

How to Maintain Your A/C Unit at The End Of Summer
  Many homeowners in Bentonville, AR consider scheduling their A/C maintenance during the spring and early fall. While these times are ideal for preparing your air conditioner for the new season, scheduling your maintenance at the end of summer can also ensure that any issue in your unit is addressed and fixed before it sits idle in the long winter months. Are you up for this task? Here’s a checklist on how you can maintain your A/C at the end of the summer:

Replace Your Air Filter

Be sure to replace your air filter before you completely turn your unit off for the coming winter. It is advisable to leave your A/C filters clean even if you’re not using your unit so that dirt and debris won’t stay in there for a longer period.

Clean the Coils and Condensate Line

Several problems may occur when your coils are dirty and your condensate line is clogged. Be sure to include inspection and cleaning services to these vital parts on your end-of-summer maintenance checklist. You can sweep off or wash the dirt and debris, but if you are positive that your unit requires extensive cleaning, contact the A/C pros in Bentonville, AR.

Remove Any Obstructions Around the Unit

Over the summer season, grasses and bushes may have grown fast and crowded your outdoor equipment. They may have gotten inside the A/C and obstructed its proper function–-and you will only find it out when you turn your unit on for the first time next summer. Take the time to check your outdoor A/C before the summer ends and clear out any blockages near it. Maintain at least two to three-feet clearance around it.

Give Your A/C a Visual Check

Do you hear strange noises or smell unpleasant odors when your A/C operates? Is your unit showing off outward signs of wear and damage that affect its efficiency and overall performance? Any of these scenarios indicate problems that need utmost attention. Schedule a tune-up service in Bentonville, AR to address and fix the problem.

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Do you want your air conditioning system to work at the same performance and efficiency when the next summer season comes? Or you just want it to stay in the best shape before you completely turn it off? We’re here to help! Contact us at Armor Heating & Air for all your maintenance needs, and we’ll get the job done with expertise.
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