How Long Does an Air Conditioner Installation Take?

How Long Does An AC Installation Take?

How Long Does an Air Conditioner Installation Take?

  Don’t let your old air conditioning system get you down this summer! If it’s already ten years old or more and it requires expensive repairs, maybe it’s time to call the experts for A/C installation. Wondering how long it will take to install a new air conditioning system? Find out here.

Factors that Affect A/C Installation

Your A/C installation in Bentonville, AR hardly takes a few hours or a day depending on several factors:
  • Building Orientation

The size of your home can influence the completion period of the A/C replacement. It is important to note that it should also be considered in the estimate when installing a new air conditioning system. Your local contractor in Bentonville, AR will calculate your home’s cooling requirement based on your floor area, ceiling height, climate, numbers of occupants, and much more. Results will be used to identify the exact size of unit for your home. With all the work involved in the process, installing a new A/C may take a little more time if you have a larger home, especially if it requires more than one unit.
  • Type of A/C Installation Job

The type of job you require can also affect the timeframe of the installation. For instance, things may become faster if you only want to replace your air conditioning unit. The job will only involve the replacement of your current system while the rest like your ductwork is in place. Your cooling contractor may more likely finish this in just one day. However, if you require a full system replacement, which includes the A/C unit, ductwork system, and others, your cooling contractor may need to spend three to five day for the job to be completed.
  • Location

You need to carefully plan where you want your A/C to be located to reduce the time spent for installation. If you install it in an open and accessible area like the garage, then you can expect a shorter installation period from your A/C contractor. But if the location is hard to reach like the rooftop or basement, there could be a little delay in the installation of the unit.

Professional A/C Installation in Bentonville, AR

Installing your new A/C is as easy as 1-2-3. when you Contact the pros at Armor Heating & Air for proper sizing, placement, and installation of your unit. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, we have you covered. Set your appointment today!
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