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Cor Wi-Fi Thermostats

The Carrier® Côr® Wi-Fi® thermostat takes its place on your wall and
commands your attention with its sleek, smartphone-like touchscreen.
From initial setup to customizing your comfort schedule to managing
energy use, it puts efficiency, simplicity and expertise at your fingertips.

Features include:
• Smart recovery
• Advanced software
• Easy-to-read energy reports
• Remote access via free,
downloadable mobile app
• Customized tips
• Secure web portal

COR wifi

Côr® thermostats take your comfort to heart with smart, nextlevel performance. These smart Wi-Fi capable thermostats
learn how to efficiently manage your comfort and teach you
how to optimize your savings.

Features include:
• OptiSave™ feature
• Ideal Away™ feature
• Geofencing
• Remote access via
our free, mobile app
• Secure web portal

COR thermostat