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HVAC systemsFeeling hot in the warm months? Is your AC cycling in and out too much? Have you noticed your power bills are getting higher? Is your AC making loud noises? Has it been over a year since your system was serviced? Let a technician from Armor Heating and Air perform an inspection and make-over on your A/C system and offer advice on how to make your cooling system work for you—not against your wallet.

No one wants to be hot at home or at work. A well-functioning AC is important in creating a comfortable environment for your family and employees during the long, hot summer months. Let our technicians tell you about programmable thermostats and give you some tips on getting the most out of your cooling system while saving money.

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A/C Repair Canehill, AR

Expert HVAC repairYour air conditioning system works every day to make your home comfortable in the long summer months. Its quality and condition play a major role in its efficiency and proper operation. Unfortunately, even a well-maintained A/C unit can fail from time to time as parts wear out due to frequent use. When you notice some issues lurking in your unit, it’s best to call a professional help right away. Prompt A/C repair is important as it solves the problem long before they cause major damage to the system. It minimizes the disruption in your comfort as well.

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Canehill, AR A/C Repair & Installation

Expert HVAC repairAre you looking for a new A/C system, needs an upgrade or experiencing issues with what you have? Do you have unanswered questions in mind about the performance of your unit? Let the experts at Armor Heating & Air give you professional suggestions.

With years of experience in dealing with A/C installation and repair tasks, you can never go wrong in choosing us for all your HVAC service needs. Backed with knowledge and skills, rest assured that we can guide you from finding the right size to installing the parts correctly. We can give you peace of mind with a well-performing A/C working for your comfort in Canehill, AR.

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Canehill, AR Heating Repair & Installation

Professional HVAC installationThere’s nothing worse than discovering your heat isn’t working in the cold winter day. Keep your cool by scheduling a service with our experts at Armor Heating & Air. We provide expert diagnosis and repair for malfunctioning units. No job is too big or too small; we do it all. We also offer a reliable estimate for brand new heat installation.

We can help you find the right size for your home, fit the components securely, and ensure that you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits that a properly installed heating system provides.

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Maintenance Proposal

HVAC Maintenance Plan ProposalOur maintenance program provides you with amazing paybacks such as lower energy bills, increased system reliability, improved comfort, and reduced repair calls. Sign up for our HVAC Optimization Program today, and enjoy these benefits!

•   Priority scheduling

•   No overtime or unusual weekend rates for after-hours services

•   Increase reliability

•   Improve air quality and thermal comfort

•   Reduce carbon footprint

•   Greater efficiency and savings

Our preventive maintenance services include visual inspection of all equipment, a thorough check on the electrical components, complete professional cleaning, and detailed scrutiny of the safety and efficiency of your heating and cooling system’s operation.

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air qualityMold, mildew, dust, pollen and bacteria in your home can negatively impact your health and comfort. The experts at Armor Heating and Air have effective solutions to fight household allergens and prevent their growth. We have the knowledge and tools to provide you with a healthy indoor environment in your residential or commercial space.

Armor Heating and Air can help identify the sources of pollution in your home and recommend ways to clean the air that you and your loved ones breathe. We have a wide range of IAQ products that are proven effective in keeping your indoor air safe and healthy for everyone.

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Rheem HVAC systemsRheem was founded in 1925. In its beginning the company produced a wide range of products. The company began offering HVAC equipment in the 1950s. Their products have been winning awards in this industry for over 65 years. Today they have some of the finest air conditioning products. They use some of the latest technology to make their products that give dependable and excellent comfort.

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