Furnace vs. Heat Pump: Which Should I Choose?

Furnace vs. Heat Pump: Which Should I Choose?
[wpseo_breadcrumb] As we are an inch closer to the winter season, we can feel a consistent drop in temperature. It is when our body requires warmer air to feel more comfortable. Good thing that our heating system is there to the rescue! But for those who want to upgrade to a new unit, have you weighed your options and decided which unit is better for your home?

What Heating Systems Are Available for You?

Furnaces and heat pumps are two of the most popular heating options used by many homeowners. Both can provide warm air and make you feel comfortable, but the bottom line there is carefully choosing the right unit that promotes greater efficiency and savings. So whether you need to upgrade your heating system or simply want to learn more about proper unit selection, Hightower Service, Inc. can help. Read on to know how.

How Do Furnaces and Heat Pumps Differ In Heat Production and Efficiency?

To produce heat, furnaces rely on fuel sources like oil or natural gas, and some on electricity. You can use any of these power sources if you have access to them. Heat pumps, on the other hand, are using electricity and refrigerant to transfer the heat from the outdoor to indoor during the cold season. In the hot season, heat pumps can work in reverse to cool your home. When it comes to efficiency, new furnaces are known to be very efficient as 98% of the taken energy is used to produce and distribute heat. Heat pumps are also energy efficient but they only need a single unit of electricity to move three units for heating.

So Which Is Better For You?

A furnace is a better option if you have access to a gas network or any natural gas sources. And if you recently installed your new A/C, you can pair it with a furnace unit so you can stay comfortable from season to season. Meanwhile, if you do not have access to a gas grid and your A/C is on its last leg, a heat pump unit is a better option for you. A heat pump can provide both heating and cooling comfort using a single unit.

Still Can’t Decide?

If you are undecided and want to ask for a better recommendation, it is wise to talk to the experts. Our team at Armor Heating & Air, LLC is willing to help you find the right heating system for your home. We consider every factor that could impact efficiency and comfort and suggest a unit that fit your home. We have heating units available and we can even help you with the installation process. Call us today!
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