Furnace Repair Vs. Replacement: Which Option is Best?

Furnace Repair Vs. Replacement: Which Option is Best?

Which Option is Best?

  For average homeowners, it’s not always easy to know if a furnace needs a repair or a replacement. While most might opt for repairs over and over again due to minor issues and low service costs, others might replace the entire system as a more practical option. If you are stuck in the same circumstance, don’t worry! Armor Heating & Air will help with the best option when it comes to choosing between furnace repair and replacement. Continue reading!

When Your Furnace Is On Its Last Leg

Your furnace can last for many years, depending on the design, usage frequency, manufacturer, and maintenance service. However, in some instances, issues can begin to develop in the early years of use. If repairing those problems cost you more, then the best option is to let it retire. By going for a replacement, you’ll surely save yourself from big costs and stress in the future.

When Your Furnace Is Not As Efficient As It Was Before

Furnaces that reduce their efficiency level tend to consume more energy to generate the same amount of heat output. At some point, the declined efficiency can be so drastic that makes energy consumption so unreasonable. For this reason, it makes sense to replace your unit than to hold on to the old system and pay for high utility bills each month.

When Your Heating Costs Climb Up Dramatically

The increase in energy consumption will result in high utility bills. This typically happens when you are using an old or poor-performing furnace unit. Yes, a few repairs may add a little improvement to your unit’s efficiency and performance, but it’s not a long-term solution. The costs of high energy bills and repairs will add up to a significant sum over time. Replacing your heating system with a new and more efficient unit will guarantee savings and comfort you’ll surely enjoy.

When Your Unit Needs Frequent Repairs

Other homeowners believe that they could keep their furnace repaired as long as there are skilled technicians and parts available. But if you are practical enough, you will think that frequent repairs can cost a lot of money and even disrupts your comfort. One or two service calls each year can be tolerable. But if it exceeds that, then think if all your spending is still worth it. When it comes to your heating system, it is always wise to go for low-cost options but can still provide long-term solutions for your savings and comfort. Talk to us at Armor Heating & Air so we can help you with your furnace repair and replacement issues.
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