Commercial HVAC Tip: Use A Rooftop Unit

Commercial HVAC Tip: Use A Rooftop Unit

Commercial HVAC Tip:

Commercial heating and cooling systems are a bit trickier to install and consume bigger space as compared to residential HVAC systems. As business owners, it’s an eyesore seeing the system outside of the building or anywhere else near it. That makes a rooftop package unit the best choice for commercial heating and air conditioning system. Here are the benefits of a rooftop unit for your commercial HVAC.


Your commercial HVAC systems change in response to your growing business. Good thing, rooftop units are modular so you can adjust, cut, or expand them to fit the need of your business establishment.  When you are using several rooftop units, you can modify the specific temperatures in each position and track the amount of energy consumed.

Noise Reduction

Although new innovation in the HVAC industry includes lesser production of operational noise, there are still noticeable sounds which are not good for your business. Rooftop units ensure that these noises are out of range to make the place look silent.

Space Saving

The components of a rooftop unit are put in a single pack. This allows you to use the space for parking lot extension or other profitable features.

Enhanced Security

Your heating and cooling system can be vulnerable to vandalism and stealing of parts when you put it at ground level. Using a rooftop HVAC system adds a double layer of security.

Improved Performance

Rooftop packaged unit has energy saving options that you can use to enhance its performance. It has air volume controls that match the needed air flow with fan speeds to reduce too much work. If the weather permits, it can also use the outside temperature to cool the place which is truly economical. You can use your programmable thermostat to adjust the system’s operation in response to the changing seasons.

Easy Maintenance

Packaged rooftop has all its components in one area making it easier for HVAC professionals to fix and maintain. Make sure to have system maintenance at least once a year to prevent mechanical issues and guarantee its efficiency.  With rooftop units, professionals are able to maintain them without disturbing the busy operations inside your building. More and more commercial owners are embracing rooftop unit because of easy and affordable installation and improved comfort levels for their building. Don’t be the last to try this new innovation for your business. Call your local HVAC contractor now.
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