Why Your Commercial HVAC Needs Regular Maintenance

Why Your Commercial HVAC Needs Regular Maintenance

There’s more to ensuring that your business is up and running than just following a set of ethical practices and hiring talented people. You also need to invest in a quality heating and cooling system. Your HVAC units are the most incredibly used systems which maintain the good performance of the entire facility. This is why commercial HVAC maintenance should be your top priority. Here are good reasons why you need to maintain your commercial HVAC systems.

Reduces Costly Repairs And Replacement

Your equipment’s durability can be affected by your negligence in maintaining your HVAC system. It can lead to HVAC system breakdown which can result to loss of inventory. Save your business from expensive repair costs by performing routine maintenance. Ideally, an HVAC radiator lasts up to 40 years, water heater up to 20, and AC up to 10 to 15 years.

Lowers Operating Cost

Regular maintenance can significantly reduce your operating cost by keeping your units energy efficient. Your HVAC systems can increase utility bill every month because of the excess usage of energy. This can be prevented by regularly monitoring the system functions and provide necessary solutions to small problems.

Keeps Employees Healthy

Dirty ductworks, insufficient ventilation and unchanged filter can provide your business with poor indoor air quality. It can cause sickness to you and your employees and can negatively affect productivity. Having a regular inspection of your unit by your trusted HVAC contractor can help reduce scheduled sick leave of your employees.

Ensures Customer Comfort

Your HVAC systems can make or unmake a deal for your business. Remember that your customers are your business’ lifeblood. Poorly maintained heating and cooling systems can directly affect your their decision whether to purchase from your business or turn around and look for another establishment.  It is a must to prioritize your customers’ comfort to ensure a good investment to your business. Many business owners don’t put serious thought on regular maintenance of their commercial HVAC systems. Not until they experience a sudden system breakdown, inconsistent temperatures and foul odors, or worst, doubled energy usage cost. Keep your heating and cooling system properly maintained to prevent problems.
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