Carbon Monoxide Still Possible During Summer

Carbon Monoxide Still Possible During Summer

You may not think about carbon monoxide as a threat this summer season but it is. Often called the “silent killer”, carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odorless and invisible gas that is the leading cause of respiratory problems and even death to many residents in the US. If you think that carbon monoxide poisoning is solely a winter issue, you are totally mistaken. Do not fall victim of carbon monoxide poisoning. Here are some important reminders this summer season.

At a Camp

Camping is a popular activity during spring and summer. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from ruining your day, it is important to follow safety precautions when you open your camp this year. You can start by checking if the propane-powered appliances are working properly. Be sure that the by-products are vented right. If you are going to use generators, place it at least 15 feet away from your doors and windows and in an unconstrained place.

When Repairing Engines

Work on your vehicles outside. Be it is a small or big engine, it still emits carbon monoxide that can cause health issues to anyone when inhaled. Similarly, do not leave your engines running inside, not even for warming purposes. Pull the vehicle out in an open space before running or repairing it.

At a Cookout

Summer will never be complete without a cookout. Who would not want hot dogs and steaks cooked on a grill? To ensure safety against CO poisoning, use the charcoal grill and other gas and charcoal-burning devices outside, away from doors and windows. Using them inside will lead to a higher risk of CO poisoning since the gas they emit does not exhaust properly. The gas may fill the entire space inside.

The Presence of Carbon Monoxide in the Summer Months

Carbon monoxide is produced by combustion that commonly happens when you burn fuel such as gasoline, wood, and charcoal. Since you will be using BBQ grills, camp stoves, fire pits and other devices for your summertime fun activities, exposure to carbon monoxide gas is highly possible. To prevent the risks of CO poisoning, have your summertime activities done outside where there is open air. Be sure to install CO detectors and alarms. If there is a high level of CO gas inside your home, evacuate and call 911 immediately. Indoor appliances also contribute to the production of CO gas. Be sure to provide proper ventilation and regular maintenance on your indoor appliances, such as your heating and cooling systems. The experts at Armor Heating and Air, LLC can help. Call us today!
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