Age Matters For Your HVAC System

Age Matters For Your HVAC System
[wpseo_breadcrumb] Does knowing your HVAC system’s age matter? Of course, it does! If you have an HVAC system in your home, which we know you have, you should be aware of how long have you been using it. Its age determines if the time has come to let go of your unit. At normal chances, the retirement period of heat pumps and air conditioning system ranges from 10-15 years. And in order to get the most of your HVAC unit’s lifespan, here are some tips you should never forget.

Don’t skip regular maintenance.

Regular unit maintenance is an important responsibility given to homeowners once they purchase an HVAC system. This includes cleaning of important components such as ducts and the outer unit, filter replacement, sealing of leakages and overall system tune-up. Never skip annual maintenance unless you want your system to be in jeopardy.

Hire professional service for your HVAC systems.

Unlicensed technicians ask for lower service fees, but you won’t feel confident in their services as compared to professional experts’ works. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your unit, be sure to stick with your professional HVAC company. They provide high-quality repairs and package warranty in case something went wrong in the service.

Check energy bills every year.

Keep records of your monthly energy consumption. A sturdy increase in electric bill is an indication that your HVAC system is aging and its efficiency is falling. The components of your unit may be working too hard to meet the required temperature for your home. If this continuous, simple repair and maintenance may no longer be enough.

Do proper repairs on system components.

It’s just normal to experience glitches on your system’s parts as it ages. Just make sure not to delay the needed repairs. Strange noises, uneven cooling, and rough operation are just some of the most common HVAC problems encountered as the system is nearing retirement age.

Consider replacement if needed.

If your system is timeworn and frequently needs repair services, it may seem better to purchase a new one. Since there is not much difference on the regular repair expenses and the replacement cost, the latter can be a smarter choice. The more your system ages, the more that you need to take extra care on them. HVAC systems are great deals of investment so it’s just right to take full advantage of its service period. Call your trusted HVAC contractor and have your system running in shipshape always.  
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