A/C Installation: Bigger Is Not Always Better

A/C Installation: Bigger Is Not Always Better

Have you come to realize that this is probably the last season for your air conditioning system? Well, instead of facing the next summer with an unreliable A/C unit, we recommend you start to look for a replacement right now. Don’t worry; we can assist you in your way to finding the right air conditioning unit for your unique home.

As a heating and cooling contractor with enough knowledge on the different schemes in the HVAC industry, we can not help but be sad that many homeowners in Bentonville, Arkansas area are taught to believe that bigger air conditioning units are always the best choice. In fact, it brings greater harm than good to your overall cooling system. In order to work as effectively and efficiently as it’s meant to, the size of your air conditioning units should be properly proportioned to the size and demands of your home.

A Look at Tonnage

Professional HVAC contractors are able to determine the right size of the air conditioning unit to your home through load calculation and analysis. In here, they will be able to know the tonnage necessary for your air conditioner. But what is a tonnage in the first place?

This HVAC lingo is crucial in sizing an A/C and to make sure that your newly installed A/C unit is not too powerful for your home. Tonnage has nothing to do with the weight (as what the name implies) rather, it refers to the amount of heat an air conditioning unit removes in the home per hour. This is also known as BTU or British Thermal Unit. A 1 ton A/C unit can remove 12,000 BTUs of heat per hour. The more the tonnage, the more heat your A/C unit can pull out. But why shouldn’t you get the unit with the most powerful tonnage, then?

The Dangers of an Overpowered A/C

Many people think that a bigger air conditioning unit is a shortcut to greater comfort and savings but unfortunately, this is a myth. A too powerful air conditioning unit will just hurt your cooling system and cause great troubles such as short-cycling, poor comfort, high humidity, increased energy bill and costly repairs and replacement.

Do not settle for what you think is best. Call the professionals at Armor Heating and Air today for a consultation, and we will guide you through your goal of getting the right HVAC system for your home.  
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