7 Easy Maintenance Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Central Air Conditioner

7 Easy Maintenance Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Central Air Conditioner
[wpseo_breadcrumb]   Central air conditioners operate more efficiently when the condenser coils, evaporator and cooling fins are clean. Simply put, your AC units work at their finest when they receive proper cleaning and maintenance. Keep your house cooler and save money with these easy maintenance tips and tricks for your air conditioner.
  1. Clean and maintain the air filters.

Clogged and dirty filters can disrupt the flow of air and reduce the efficiency of your AC unit. When the filter is extremely dirty, the indoor air bypasses the air filter and carries specs of dirt to the units evaporator coil, leaving it soiled in just a short span of time. For a rule of thumb, you should clean your air filter at least once a month. For more effective maintenance tips for your air filter, feel free to consult a professional HVAC contractor in your area.
  1. Clean the evaporator coils.

While it is true that a clean filter prevents the coils from dirt, some dust and specs of dirt can still form on the cooling coils over time. This deposition can significantly reduce the capability of the cooling coils, so the area cooling method is also affected. A professional evaporator coil service is necessary to keep your units in great shape.
  1. Maintain the condenser coil.

In all types of AC, the fan and the condenser are located outside the house. This means that the dirty atmosphere, rain and wind, falling leaves, etc can soil the condenser coils. The dust and dirt can make it tough for the air and warmth to disperse outside. Hence, bringing in a professional HVAC contractor to improve your condenser coil is needed.
  1. Clean the coil fins.

You can easily see the coil fins on the evaporator coils and the condenser. The dust and dirt accumulate on the coil fins over time. These fins need to be cleaned regularly in order to protect the condenser and evaporator from trouble and early breakdown.
  1. Unclog the rear drain.

Unclogging the rear drain is also a great trick to improve your AC. If the rear drain gets clogged, then the water collected inside the air conditioning unit has no way out and will drip within the area from gaps. And if there’s no vent for the water within the unit, the wetness level in the area will definitely increase.
  1. Hide the mechanical device unit during the cold weathers.

During cold winter months, and your Ac is not in use, cover up the mechanical device outside. You can use an artefact to prevent dirt forming within the unit.
  1. Get a professional tune-up.

Before the onset of the hot summer season, getting the services of a professional HVAC contractor for AC tune-up and repair can go a long way to keep your unit functioning well all throughout the season. While there are easy D-I-Y tricks to keep your central AC unit in good shape, it’s wise to contact a professional HVAC technician to help you in taking care of your comfort.
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