5 Ways to Prevent Springtime Allergens and Pollutants

5 Ways to Prevent Springtime Allergens and Pollutants
Apart from warmer weather, blooming buds, and exciting outdoor trips, the springtime is also known for pollutants and allergens that could attack you and your family any time. Even inside your home (which you thought might be the safest place against harmful airborne agents), you are still not safe if you have poor defense. In fact, the air inside your home is much deadlier than outdoor. Here are the five (5) ways to prevent springtime allergens and pollutants:

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

While your A/C cycles the air continuously, your air filter is filtering out the contaminants that might get inside your home. Eventually, the filter will be filled with dirt and may no longer do its job properly, resulting in poor indoor air quality and too much strain to your cooling system. Change your air filter at least once every three months or as needed as possible.

Inspect Your Air Ducts

Your ductwork distributes the cool air across your home. However, ducts that are improperly installed, poorly maintained, and damaged can allow the airborne pollutants to enter your home. Not only does dust, mold, or dander may build up over time, but damaged duct may also lead to higher energy bill due to escaping conditioned air. Call your local contractor to inspect your duct.

Keep Your Carpets and Rugs Clean

Rugs and carpets are not just typical household materials that are found inside your home. They also act as filters that trap dirt, dust, and many tiny particles through their fibers. Clean them every week so they can keep working for you.

Control Your Home’s Humidity

Hot days may bring humid conditions, depending on your home’s location. Too much moisture and humidity inside your home can cause mold and mildew build up that could trigger respiratory problems like asthma and allergy. Maintain a consistent humidity level and keep the amount of moisture low by investing in IAQ solutions. Talk to your contractors to know what products suit your home best.

Schedule a Professional A/C Maintenance

Spring A/C maintenance is essential for maintaining your manufacturer warranty and optimizing your comfort and efficiency. So before the unbearable, hot summer comes and your local technician is swamped with a lot of service calls, be sure to schedule your maintenance this spring. Don’t compromise your comfort and health. Our professionals at Armor Heating & Air, LLC will help keep your indoor space more breathable and liveable and even maintain your air conditioner to lower your summer bills. Request a service call today!
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