5 Types of Smells You Can Get Rid of With an Air Purifier

5 Types of Smells You Can Get Rid of With an Air Purifier
  Are you still trying to cover up those strange smells inside your home using scented products? With pollutants getting more aggressive these days, there’s no other way for your home to combat harmful indoor elements but to use state-of-the-art air purifiers. Here are the five (5) types of smells an air purifier can get rid of:

Food Smells

Cooking fishes can cause painful odor to your nose, and the smell could last for days inside your home. This unpleasant odor, however, can be removed by air purifiers and consequently, make your home smelling fresh. Besides the fish odor, the device can also eliminate other smells created by meals with strong spices.


Vegetables and chicken fats that are dumped in your trash bin can unbearably cause punishing smells, especially when they are left undisposed for days. When the odor conquers the surface, you may find it hard to remove them even if you disposed of the root of the smell. Instead of using an air freshener to cover the odor, why not use an air purifier for a more improved IAQ?

Pet Smells

Your pets like cats and dogs are naturally smelly. The odor they created can fill your home and might cause pain to your guests’ nose. Besides the unpleasant smell, your pets’ dander can also trigger allergy, especially if you have a sensitive family member. Invest in an air purifier to eliminate both odor and dander in your home.

Used Diapers

There is nothing that can make your house stinky than an old used baby diaper. Good thing, if you invest in an air purifier in Bentonville, AR, you can enhance the IAQ in your baby’s room and the smell in the entire home. This reliable device can make your air healthier and fresher for you and your little ones.


Whether it comes from a burned wood or cigarette, smoke’s unpleasant smell is difficult to remove when trapped in your home. They can leave odors in your curtains, furniture, and carpet. Remove their sticking smell a by investing in a high-quality air purifier in Bentonville, AR. Many homeowners in Bentonville, AR are experiencing these nasty smells inside their house. While scented candles and air fresheners are often the first choices to eliminate odors, they cannot guarantee a long-term solution in making your home breathable and livable again. Now, if you are looking for a reliable solution, Armor Heating & Air has high-quality air purifiers that you can depend on. Contact us to know what unit suits your home.
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