4 Common Thermostat Installation Mistakes

4 Common Thermostat Installation Mistakes
[wpseo_breadcrumb]   One important consideration to cut down on your heating and cooling expense is thermostat placement. There are areas in the house which are not really the right places to put your thermostat. Here are 4 common thermostat installation mistakes that you should avoid.

Mistake # 1 The thermostat is installed near the window.

The thermostat should not be placed directly across from a window to prevent incorrect temperature reading. The heat form the sun can trick the thermostat into thinking that your home is warm so you do not need more heating. This will make you raise the temperature setting higher for continuous cycle, which also means wasting energy.

Mistake # 2 The thermostat is placed in the kitchen.

As compared to any other part of the house, the kitchen is the area which gains the greatest percentage of heat. Installing the thermostat in this area can greatly affect your heating efficiency. The heat from the oven or the stove can affect the thermostat reading which is why it is not advisable to install thermostats in the dining area, especially in smaller homes.

Mistake # 3 The thermostat is too close to air vents.

The thermostat placed near air vents provides false reading. For instance, you air vents are blowing warm air in the winter season. If your thermostat is next to it, this will give the thermostat the wrong idea that your home is warm. This can happen anytime of the year, whether you are heating or cooling your home.

Mistake # 4 The thermostat is placed under direct sunlight.

When the thermostat is directly hit by the sun’s rays, it can either give your home too much cooling or heating. In this case, you will notice too cold temperature inside your home in the winter and your unit will be working too hard in the summer.

The Ideal Spot To Install Your Thermostat

The best place to put your thermostat is in a hallway in the center of your home, not directly hit by the sun’s rays and no way near air vents. When the thermostat is centralized, it reads the average temperature of the home and provides accurate adjustment to make you comfortable whichever part you stay. If you are planning to move your thermostat or have a new one installed but unsure about where to place it, the professionals at Armor Heating and Air can help. Call us for immediate thermostat relocation or installation, and if you need emergency services for your heating and cooling systems.
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